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Press : authentic worship : EP

thurane in the News...


“: authentic worship : by THURANE takes you a step closer to God”

MOHIT CHANDANI, Muse Chronicle



“...four soul-stirring songs including "It’s All Good (ATAGIY)",

a preview of his upcoming album ("Worship Servant").”

Tamara Jenna, TJPL NEWS



“...uncanny 60's groove blended with late seventies rock feel...”

KMasters - Music Station, KMASTERS



“...catchy lyrics and instrumentation, smooth vocals,

and a vibe that will have you singing along...”

Will Lisil, PopHits.Co



"...a message of hope and spreads the word of the Lord.”

- Chris Mariotti, Edgar Allan Poets

“When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10,

reviewers reported a 7.7 on average, which ranks this song

in the 93rd percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review.

Most listeners rated your song a 7, and did want to hear your song again

after listening to it once. When reviewing your song, the most

commonly selected words were vocals, good, quality, lyrics, solid.

Based on the results of this study, this song is very well liked,

and is likely ready for promotion to a wider audience.”

You Gave Me (the ANSWER) Staff Report: song review, Reverbnation

“...skillful songwriting and anointed music ministry...authentic, moving, and God-filled worship experience...”

kumasi kust, Elnews

“Featuring four rocky, energetic, and electric guitar-based tunes

that each have a life of their own...”

Jeremy Bregman, Mesmerized

“: authentic worship : showcases Thurane's daring

and captivating artistic ideology...”

Jessica Marinho, HBN (Headbangers News)

“..elements from britpop to indie rock

very well falling somewhere between Travis and Nada Surf.”

André Salles, You! Me! Dancing!

“His new EP titled, : authentic worship : is available now on the Apple Store.”

- Staff - CCM Magazine / TCM Spotlight Part 1

“Rhythmic bass percussion gives way to melodious lyrics

that testify to Thurane's virtuosity at all levels.”

Radar Editorial Team, IGGYMAGAZINE

“...Thurane has dedicated himself to hold the torch

and light the way for the people...”

HAMZA SHARKAS, Rock Era Magazine

“...dynamic guitars...moving and energetic voice...cohesive themes...”

Info Music France, INFOMUSIC

“...power-pop release that is fuelled by catchy melodies,

exciting harmonies and brilliant musicianship.”

FVMusicBlog, Indie Music Blog

“I really like the piano in the beginning it reminds me of a young Elton John...”

Over and Under Reverbnation Crowd Reviewer, Reverbnation Crowd Review

“...features multiple-layered harmonies and colourful keyboard tones...”

Sarah Conway, Plastic Magazine

“ uplifting and spirited musical experience...”

Skylight Magazine, SKYLIGHT WEBZINE

“...a vivid, emotive fusion of Rock n Roll and praise music.

God’s messages are ingrained in the soaring guitars,

captivating hooks,and contagious vibes of the music...”


“...a powerful and moving project that is sure to leave you speechless.”

Gifted Balance Records

“After years of hitting the road with various mainstream bands,

thurane returned home and started studying the Bible,

learning about discipleship and getting involved

with Campus Crusade for Christ

to really dig into his faith.”

- Jaime Vaughn, A Conversation with thurane

- CCM Magazine / TCM Spotlight

“Combining choral harmonies and rock beats, it has an elating sonic evolution.”

- Bowe - Good Music Radar

“...epiphanies of melody that sound genius in the track...”

- indiemusicflix

“...a positive message of brotherhood and love for God

which can be considered as a sort of modern evangelism...”

- Marco Gatti - Artisti Online

“ instrumentation, full of great guitar riffs, rhythmic drums

and a melodic vocal that connects to a captivating lyricism...”

- Elio Sant Anna Pedrozo Campos - Os Garotos de Liverpool

“Christian music artist thurane is Worship Minister at SCWCC...”

- Staff - CCM Magazine / TCM Spotlight Part 2

“'Over and Under' is a standout track

that will leave listeners feeling inspired and uplifted...”

- #sustainablecurator - Lost in the Manor

“...multi-layered vocals, in the middle of the soaring guitars,

lending the track a high tempo, high energy vibe...”

- Mohit Bagur - Sinusoidal Music

“Titled : authentic worship :, it’s practically all

we’ve been listening to it all day and we love it.”

- Maddie M. - Lost In The Nordics

“thurane has found a new home with Warner Music through LEVEL.

This resilience and determination to continue pursuing his passion

for music is a testament to his talent and dedication.”

- Fernando Triff - 1111CR3W

“The singer sounds like a country version of John Mayer.

Great guitar play and the singing is in tune.”

Over and Under Reverbnation Crowd Reviewer, Reverbnation Crowd Review

“Like Imagine Dragon meets The Beach Boys meets The Beatles.”

- Katrina Yang - Punk Head

“ of the most impressive debuts of recent times,

with his symbiosis that exhausts personality through the pores

of alternative-pop-rock with Christian precepts

dominating the detached poetic verve!

: authentic worship : is a sumptuous set of four sweeping songs.”

- Luanda Myers - Music For All

“thurane has worked on film scores, released music as a solo artist,

and taken part in working with international Christian

and secular charities, most notably World Vision.”

- Barbie Edonia - CHUNEDESK

“...a potent force of classic-Worship-rock and creates a special musical mosaic for fans of Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham, and Lincoln Brewster.”

- #SUSTAINABLECURATOR - Illustrate Magazine

“Let’s get to know a bit more about thurane

in Part 3 of this 3 part CCM Artist Featured Spotlight…”

- Staff - CCM Magazine / TCM Spotlight Part 3

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