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Andy Augustin

Andy grew up in the Midwest, spent many hours as a child listening to songs on the radio, plus tapes and records that his older brother was playing. He definitely had a love for music, and was given an acoustic guitar - but after a while, he seemed more interested in hitting furniture, books and other things around the house while playing along with the music. He eventually obtained an old used snare drum, that was the beginning of a life changing journey.


He joined the grade school music program around the age of ten. As a teenager, he started playing the drumkit and began gigging with a County 50's band, recording rock music with local artists, and playing High School events. Andy is a Preacher’s kid and enjoyed many Contemporary Christian artists at the time but was also influenced by the Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal of the 80’s.


A graduate of The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, Andy studied under such greats as Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa, Mothers of Invention and LA studio drummer), and Joe Porcaro (Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard, Gladys Knight, Madonna, The Monkees, Pink Floyd, Nancy Sinatra, and Sarah Vaughan), along with many others. It was a great experience being introduced to many different styles of music and techniques along with reading rhythms and playing other percussion instruments.


Andy has continued to be an active drummer whose performance history includes numerous recording sessions and live performances. He has been heavily involved in the Worship Music scene since 2002 playing many churches around Arizona. Most recently, Andy is working on a Worship album with Thurane where his desire and passion for the music is obvious. He gives the music its solid foundation with his powerful groove and style, not allowing you to sit still.

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