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Commonly asked about my ministry purpose: why?

  • Sharing the love of Christ through music and testimony

  • Modelling and promoting worship as a lifestyle

  • Strengthening the church worship experience through original songwriting and leadership mentoring

  • Offering hope and healing to the marginalised, employing acts of kindness &  live experiences

1.    When did you start?

Released an indie EP Foundation and indie CD New Jerusalem. Signed a record deal with

Gray Dot/Bulletproof Records: all for New Jerusalem.


Signed a record deal for the Kenyon Grey project,

released one EP, Kenyon Grey.


After the NJ and KG projects ended,

thurane was moved into Worship & CCM.

Currently released 6 Singles, the authentic worship E.P.

& completing a worship album "Worship Servant"

out for release soon.

2.    How will my donation be used?

Your financial contribution to this ministry frees us up to:


Compose original Worship songs and Christian music for worship teams to sing with their church congregations; release Singles and Albums via the radio and internet;

and minister live at:


churches, Christian outreaches, secular events, rest homes, prisons, and homeless shelters.


Our living expenses are a part of our budget,

so that we may minister to those in need.

3.    What are my giving options?




One-time gift or monthly support is available.

It is best to make your monthly

or one time tax-deductible contribution at:


Checks are also accepted, please make payable to:


A.C.T. Intl. Ministry Dept 0365

PO Box 1649
Brentwood, TN 37024


Home Office Phone: 615-376-7861

4.    What is A.C.T.?

A.C.T. Intl exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries and missionaries for

Christian work around the world. A.C.T. is a non-profit interdenominational Church ministry structure that assists and sends out artistic missionaries and ministers to pursue their unique mission or ministry calling as it fits into the greater Kingdom work of the Historic New Testament Christian Church worldwide.

More Info at -

5.    How are people helped through your ministry?

We minister to the body of Christ through original Worship songs and Christian music for congregational worship. This encourages believers to focus exclusively on God in worship. Over the radio and internet we are able to expand our global reach. When ministering live at churches, Christian outreaches, secular events, rest homes, prisons, Celebrate Recovery, and homeless shelters, we are able to help believers and non-believers reach the Lord and receive Him as savior, to help fulfill Matt. 28:18-20, The Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

6.    How long have you been in ministry?


Before marrying Renada, thurane began his music ministry with the Christian hard rock band New Jerusalem,

touring nationally, performing in venues including Desert Sky Pavilion, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and Mesa Amphitheater; opening for Christian groups including Newsboys, Guardian, Switchfoot, Bride & Skillet; also leading worship at over 500 youth groups nationally.


He then teamed up with Kenn Long

for the CCM duo Kenyon Grey, performing in venues including Nashville's Millennium Resort Hotel and Peoria Sports Complex; opening for Bob Carlisle, Michelle Tumes, Clay Crosse, and other Christian artists.

After marrying Renada,

thurane has led worship as a bi-vocational & full-time

Worship Arts Director.


Currently, he and Renada work together with

Andy Augustin (Drums) & Brad Sirota (Bass)

in this vital worship music ministry.

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